March 13, 2017

11 Cool Tech Gadgets For Pet Owners

Having pets is a big responsibility. Except for sending them to college, they are almost as high maintenance and require the same commitment as raising children. Pet owners nowadays have also turned to technology to make monitoring and raising their pets much easier. There are just certain aspects that the lowly, and often harried, pet owner needs help with. Fortunately, tech companies have seen the need and created new ways to meet them.

For example, playing fetch is considered as one of the most common ways to play with dogs. Apart from spending quality time with them, it is also a way to get them to exercise and keep them healthy. Like humans, dogs need physical activity and a healthy, balanced diet. A gadget called GoDogGo Fetch Machine keeps pet dogs busy by dispensing tennis balls for the dog to fetch. Another similar gadget lets them chase a toy car round and round. This will certainly keep them active even while their owners are at school or at work.

Of course, there are other aspects of raising a pet that owners need to take care of. Feeding, drinking, and even cleaning litter and poop have also been made easy by new gadgets and apps. We’ve created an infographic detailing the coolest tech gadgets for pet owners. Check out the list and see which ones you’d be interested in buying for your beloved dog or cat. All of these aid in making a life with pets more convenient and hassle-free!


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