January 23, 2013

20 Very Creative Products by Ototo Design

Ori Saidi and Daniel Gassner met in Tel Aviv at ascola School of art and Design in 1999. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. While at school, they designed a spiral-shaped light fixture together – a project which would later become the prototype for one of Ototo’s bestselling items – “poing” fruit basket.

1. Rainbow Highlighters

Rainbow highlighters will color your messages and cheer up your workplace. Ideal for home, office or school use. A colorful way to leave your mark!



 2. Pistachio

A playful and practical solution for serving nuts and olives. Split the pistachio in two by taking the top off, providing your guests with an empty bowl ready to receive discarded pits and shells. Just serve and watch everybody go nuts for the Pistachio. Dishwasher safe, made of melamine.

pistachio1 pistachio2

3. Spaghetti Tower

Tired of having leftover spaghetti? Spaghetti tower not only stores your pasta, it also measures the ideal quantity for your meal.
How it works:
The cap can be opened to four different openings that determine the amount of spaghetti to be dispensed. Ranges from 1 to 4 portions. Simply pour the perfect portion of spaghetti directly from the container. Dishwasher safe.




4. Roller Tape

This sticky tape dispenser means business. Heavy machinery comes to your desk to solve your sticky situation. Easily dispenses one tape while storing a spare inside the rear wheel.
Dispenser: firmly pull the two front wheels apart and refill a sticky tape when needed.
Storage: pull out the rear wheel firmly and open the cap to store spare sticky tapes.



5. Bubbles

Good, Clean, Fun. A soapdish that will add bubbles of fun to your washing. Bubbles is a functional holder for your soaps, sponges and scrubbers.




6. Bunny Pops

Popsicle makers. Add some magic flavor to your popsicles. Simple to make and fun to eat. Just fill the popsicle molds with your favorite juice, wait until they freeze and Abracadabra! The bunnies pop right out, Yum!



7. Soapmarine

Liquid soap dispenser. Straight from the deep to its berth by the sink comes a practical liquid soap dispenser that will raise a smile every time you wash. Ideal for children and fun for adults, the Soapmarine works just as well in the bathroom, kitchen or workplace – use it to dispense soap anywhere hands need washing. Just fill with soap and down periscope!



8. Pill Box

Pillbox is a small container for carrying your medicine anytime, anywhere. Organize your pills daily or remove the divider and store other small items inside.


9. Sardine / Paper Clips

Keep your ocean of pages neat and organized with Sardine paper clips. These fish shaped paper clips are ideal for home, school and everyday office needs. Packed in a cool, reusable “sardine tin”. Includes 30 paper clips.



10. Jumpin’ Jacks / Salad Servers

Freshen up your salad with Jumpin’ Jacks! Jumpin’ Jack’s is the ideal pair of salad servers. Stand him on the table ready to serve, or stick him in the salad as you would with any serving spoons. Both options are guaranteed to bring smiles to the dinner table.



11. Teasub / Tea Infuser

The TeaSub submerges tea leaves to the bottom of your cup creating the perfect infusion of your favorite brew. This cheerful infuser makes drinking loose leaf tea as easy as using teabags – fill the infuser’s compartment with loose tea and enjoy! Dishwasher-safe.




12. Pretzel / Keyring

A stylish and unique way to manage your keys… Yummy! Pretzel Key ring is both fun and functional. Use it as a key ring or hang on your favorite bag for fun. Designed with Vons.



13. Poing / Fruit Bowl

Metal meets origami! Nobody ever said a fruit bowl had to be boring. This metal bowl has a spiral design and a flared shape that is fun yet totally modern; it adds a unique visual aesthetic to your kitchen and provides a contemporary touch that leaves a lasting impression on guests. Use it as a centerpiece at dinner parties to serve fruit or display it as an everyday pick-me-up on dining tables or kitchen countertops. Poing fruit bowl is made of metal that is laser cut, coated and hand stretched, which may result in minor variations in the finishing.



14. 39′ Inch Snails / Measuring Tape

Colorful and cute, these measuring snails will definitely raise a smile. They might not be fast, but they are accurate in both centimeters and inches. The flexible tape measure is listed in inches and centimeters on opposite sides. Tape measure, when extended, will lock in place and release with pressure on center button.



15. T-party / Mix & Match vase

A porcelain mix and match vase straight from wonderland. T-party vase features a dynamic structure made out of porcelain glazed in a brilliant white. It will certainly make a statement and will add an element of freshness and interest to any room. Comes as a set of 4 tea-cups and a saucer base.



16. Bottle Screws / Bottle Stoppers

A colorful addition to any wine bottle. Tired of hassling with wine bottle corks? These silicone bottle “screw” stoppers are the perfect solution to seal your opened wine bottle. Each stopper features highly bendable silicone for a snug fit on most bottles in your cupboard. Dishwasher safe.



17. Footbowl / Snack Bowl

Add fun to your match day get togethers with Footbowl. This snack bowl will add fun and excitement to any game day party or celebration. A great gift for sports lovers, this colorful snack bowl is guaranteed to bring smiles to everyone, whatever the score!



18. Star Shakers / Salt & Pepper

Add some out of space theme to your table setting with this retro-futuristic set of salt and pepper shakers! This set has an original look that will be a great addition to any table.


19. Doggy Bank / Money Bank

A friend you can bank on! He doesn’t bark, he doesn’t bite and there is no need to take him out on long walks. Just feed him with your surplus change now and again and he’s happy.



20. Table rings / Ceramic Trivets

Table rings are multi-functional holders for the dining table. Stack them at the center of your table and use as required. Position a few side by side and you have a hotpot trivet. Separately, they are ideal as original napkin rings, egg holders or chopstick supports.





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