April 12, 2014

Amazing gadgets for Easter

Its Easter time and that means Easter eggs with many surprises and many beautiful gifts for closest ones. As well as Valentine’s Day was marked by heart shape, Easter is all about egg shape. So be ready because we’re bringing an eggtastic choice of amazing gadgets especially designed for Ester holidays. Furthermore they are without any calorie so you can consume them as many as you like. Unfortunately they are not made for chocolate, but we can assure you that you will enjoy in them as well.

We made a list of the most incredible Easter gadgets so that everybody can find the right choice to bring joy and happiness to their closest ones.

USB Digital Photo Frame

Amazing gadgets for Easter_01When someone travels a lot things like LCD Digital Photo Frames are too big for travel and needs AC power, but there is solution in this amazing Brando USB Digital Photo Frame. This tiny gadget is ideal for travel. You can share your photos with your friends when you go travel. It can be powered by USB or by the built-in Li-Ion battery, and also features a convenient clock function. You can store up to 100 photos and play sideshow automatically or manually. So if you have someone who travels a lot then this is the perfect gift for this Easter.

Mathmos Aduki Ni

Amazing gadgets for Easter_02The Mathmos Aduki Ni is a compact, portable, fully rechargeable color changing light that slowly transitions through a spectrum of colors, from red to blue to violet. The Aduki Ni has a built in rechargeable battery and lasts about 6 hours without a lead. It is water-proof and can be used indoors or outdoors. It also comes with a cord allowing you to hang Aduki Ni anyplace in the house or garden. You can set the Aduki Ni to change colors automatically or pause it on your favorite color.

inmod ModPod Egg Chair

Amazing gadgets for Easter_03This is without a doubt the ultimate Easter egg gift! The “modPod Egg Chair” from Inmod is a go-getter for any particularly modern interior enthusiast. You can curl up in the modPod egg chair and read magazines, listen to music, or hide while you eat your Easter chocolate. The modernized classic chair still offers real sound isolation and a cool retro modern place to relax in a wide selection of sharp colors.

Violight Zapi UV toothbrush sanitizer

Amazing gadgets for Easter_04Since Easter means consuming a lots of chocolates products we think that this is the perfect gift for everyone. With this gadget you are going to minimize the harm caused by chocolate eggs because it will keep your toothbrush cleaner then ever, fresh, and ready for every occasion. It’s very simple to use: just push your toothbrush into the hole in the top, snap the toothbrush into the rubbery plastic holder, and press the button on the front of the unit. The UV light inside shines on the toothbrush bristles for six minutes, and your toothbrush is fully sanitized.

Water Powered Clock

Amazing gadgets for Easter_05Easter means that flowers are blossom, and that the grass is once again green. Long winter is behind as and we are going to enjoy in springtime. Our next amazing gadget for Easter is truly a magic one. Well, and a little bit of science too. But for the all gadget fans out there this is perpetual mobile like you never seen. This amazing clock needs only water to work. You are still not convinced? Just buy one and see for yourself how Easter can be magical too.


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