May 27, 2014

Extreme Motorcycles

Every time someone mentions motorcycles we have in mind images of GP racing machines, but this time we have prepared something completely different. We connected motorcycles, gadgets and incredibly innovative breathtaking technology. Certainly that we are speaking about the most advanced and the most extreme forms of motorcycles, but these two or more wheeled machines need to have a special place in the minds of all of us, especially if you’re a fan of advanced technology and gadgets. Totally unusual and innovative, these models will urge you to think further into the future.


Extreme Motorcycles_1Ryno is the single-wheel, single-seater electric motorbike and it is utterly amazingly insane. One word comes in mind when we are speaking about this model – future! It’s different kind of motorcycle that incorporates navigation geometry that uses accelerometers and gyros to speed up, brake, and assist you stay balanced. For a price about at $4500, the Ryno offers a 20-mph top speed and an expected tour range of 20 miles from its lithium iron phosphate battery. It takes time to embrace it, but you get enhanced by time, and getting improved is how you engaged with it.

BRP Can-Am Spyder RS-S

Extreme Motorcycles_2The Can-Am Spyder is a three-wheeled motorcycle manufactured by BRP. The motor vehicle has a single rear drive wheel and two wheels in front for steering, parallel in layout to a current snowmobile. The Spyder uses an ATV chassis. The manufacturer refers to it as a roadster, but in technological terms it is further of what has been usually called a trike. Dissimilar to a motorcycle adaptation, the Spyder was designed from a clean sheet to be a three-wheeled vehicle, and it profit very much from that approach. Motorcycle trike are very horrible machines, since they retain a motorcycle’s front tire and deferral, they exhibit high-effort, inexact, sluggish handling. Side cars take to some extent less endeavor, but are even more erratic. Once you take the incline out of a motorcycle, most of the reasons for its basic pattern cease to exist. So this model is the right thing for you.

Uno Cycle

Extreme Motorcycles_3The Uno is an electric-powered motor vehicle that bears a similarity to a motorized unicycle. Portrayed in news reports as also a one wheeled motorcycle or electric unicycle, it is more precisely a dicycle, created by insertion two narrowly spaced uniaxial drive wheels side-by-side at the centre-point of the motor vehicle. Newest model – Uno III is based on the unique Uno with the adding of a third wheel that allows it to transform from a dicycle to a tricycle. The concept is pretty amazing and it is truly one of the best gadgets for the road.


Extreme Motorcycles_4BOXX is an electric all-wheel vehicle. Modular components make technology upgrades and customization enjoyable and very simple. BOXX is a two-wheeled electric transportation device and it is used likewise to a moped or bicycle and is just as straightforward to ride. This vehicle has been engineered to have a very low center of gravity, making it the most stable two-wheeled vehicle accessible. Some riders have said that it feels safer and easier to ride than a bike!

Evolve Xenon Lightcycle

Extreme Motorcycles_5If you’re a fan of the movie called Tron then you already know for this gadget vehicle. It is Lightcycle replica built by the same folks guilty for the ultra socially conscious Evolve electric scooters and it cost $55,000. Dressed in abstract bodywork and OLED light tape, this lithium-ion-battery-powered ride features enormous, hubless 32-inch wheels and a 100mph top speed.

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