January 26, 2013

Freestanding Sculptures by Peter McFarlane

The free standing figurative sculptures generated a narrative with the identity and recognition of the objects explicit in the activity of the figures. The figures gave the work a grounding and scale, a touchstone. The rust represented a patina of history and emphasized the obsolete, blending with the dynamic, though sometimes perilous, activity of the figures. Some of these pieces were done in a collaborative show with Janice Woode. The division of labour was done between my ideas and her figures. The show was in 2008.

freestanding-sculptures-1 freestanding-sculptures-2 freestanding-sculptures-3 freestanding-sculptures-4 freestanding-sculptures-5 freestanding-sculptures-6 freestanding-sculptures-7 freestanding-sculptures-8 freestanding-sculptures-9 freestanding-sculptures-10 freestanding-sculptures-11 freestanding-sculptures-12 freestanding-sculptures-13 freestanding-sculptures-14


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