September 4, 2013

Incredible Iron Man ‘Pepper Potts’ Cosplay

Check out this amazingly badass Pepper Potts R.E.S.C.U.E. armor from Iron Man being cosplayed by Angela Bermudez aka Tensh No Sekai. The photos were taken by Andres H., and as you can see, they turned out really cool.

Iron-man-cosplay-1 Iron-man-cosplay-3 Iron-man-cosplay-4 Iron-man-cosplay-5 Iron-man-cosplay-6 Iron-man-cosplay-7

Via ObviousWinner

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  1. […] img][/img] Incredible Iron Man 'Pepper Potts' Cosplay | Tech Destroyers – Free source for technology and design… Can see from her Deviantart page. She's very good in her cosplay. AngelaBermudez's deviantART […]

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