September 7, 2013

LEGO Star Wars Moc Giant Chess Hoth Theme

We were found these images on flickr and we are very impressed. Benjamin finished his last MOC. A giant chess Star wars on the Episode 5 with Hoth planet in main theme. He try to make the main scene of the the empire strikes back and in the same time try to keep the spirit of classic chess. He was inspired by a MOC of chess with the same theme. He made it in no stud for the base. Very high quality design and incredibly rich detailing in both the chess pieces and the base. We particularly like the design of the base with the snow covered rock formations and the two cave like hangars with the mini Falcon and Shuttle inside. There are 34 amazing figs.

star-wars-brickplace-2 star-wars-brickplace-3 star-wars-brickplace-4 star-wars-brickplace-5 star-wars-brickplace-6 star-wars-brickplace-7 star-wars-brickplace-8 star-wars-brickplace-9 star-wars-brickplace-10 star-wars-brickplace-11 star-wars-brickplace-12 star-wars-brickplace-13 star-wars-brickplace-14 star-wars-brickplace-15 star-wars-brickplace-16 star-wars-brickplace-17

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  1. AJB

    While I love the article, I find it more than annoying that when I click on an image to get a better look it’s the same size that pops up. Is it possible to have a larger image pop up?

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