March 20, 2014

Next Big Thing: iWatch

Last February one of the biggest it company in the world filed for a new patent. Yes, it’s Apple, and yes it’s some kind of a watch meets smartphone! There’s already a new word in dictionary – smartwatch, and everybody already knows that Apple is going to name their smartwatch model – iWatch. This is the most anticipating high tech piece for all gadget geeks around the world, and by all means to everyone else, because who wouldn’t wear such an amazing thing.

The best designers already comes with the concepts of their own for the iWatch, and there is a many beautiful and stunning designs, so we pick a few of those and share with you just to get a glimpse of what the future will bring to us.

Almost every of the designs we choose is very close to what will be the real thing, there is a few tweaks for this and that, but in the main frame sure it’s going to look very much like theirs concepts.

iWatch_001First on our radar is young talented designer Todd Hamilton from San Francisco, California, and he made some very interests design concept. The main frame was a mashup, and a marriage between a Nike Fuelband and an iPhone. It is a very impressive concept that got a lot of people excited.


He took a slim form of Fuelband and incorporates recognizable UI components from iOS7. Main thing with a things that goes on your wrist that is need to be and feel natural, and he’s quite get that felling with his concept.


Yrving Doveralba, creative designer working as a Senior Interactive Designer in Venestudio, San Francisco, California, came with a totally different concept, which we named All-Clear Display concept. His concept design of a futuristic watch has been featured worldwide and by Mashable, Yahoo, Fox, Hufftington Post. It was also featured in printed newspapers in London and Australia.


Next is a concept that has been develop by a young Italian professional mixed team of designers and IT engineers, passionate about technology, creativity and art, who believe in useful service, in the mass market, of these disciplines.


Their version of iWatch is typical Apple design, but with a twist of futuristic design. Model featured the latest version of the operating system for mobile devices iOS7.


JDT group is very enthusiastic about their vision of iWatch, so they go even further with a concept. They speaking about their idea as the first watch with full multitouch, 2.5″, 16:9 curved IPS display, and by turning every piece of the armband into a separate battery cell, they managed to make the body impossibly thin and light.


Also they were able to fit in accelerometer, gyroscope, pedometer, body sensor, 4G LTE, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, wireless charging, camera, microphone and speaker, to make iWatch always aware of the environment. Pretty interesting, don’t you think?


There’s also few other concept interesting to us, and we are going to present them with the pictures.



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