December 22, 2013

The Best High Tech Toys for Kids

The best high tech toys for kids_00Christmas is just a few days away, and if you planning some late gift shopping for your kids you could consider some of cool high tech toys that going to make spark in every kid eye. Even if you already buy Christmas presents you could acquire some of the stuff we present as New Year presents, because this few things is going to be huge next year. Technology is everywhere and this is the best time of year to introduce some new devices to your kids because they will be delighted.

1. Sphero 2.0

The best high tech toys for kids_01The Sphero 2.0 is by far the best modern Christmas present for your kid and maybe for you as well. Sphero is made for Apple’s iPhones and iPads but will also work with Android devices, so you don’t need to have any additional costs. Some might say that the Sphero takes a lot of time to master, but best of all that the learn path is simple amazing. Put simply, it’s too much fun. This would make a great Christmas present for a kid who has never grown up, so your inner child would be amazed as well as your kid.

2. Ubooly

The best high tech toys for kids_02Every kid loves to sleep with plush toys and that’s not news, but this new high tech toy called Ubooly certainly is amazing news. Your iPhone or iPod Touch would be safe tucked into the cuddly body of a stuffed animal. After you place you device into the toy you just activate the special app and joy can begin. Nightmares are over because with this toy you can be sure that your kids will not destroy your expensive gadgets.

3. RoboMe

The best high tech toys for kids_03In kids’ world robot are always cool, so RoboMe is a perfect gift. This amazing brand new device incorporate iPhone or iPod Touch into RoboMe’s robotic body giving them custom face by your kid choice. Beside that your kid will easy learn to program all kinds of unusual behaviors for this perfect buddy. In a few days this robot will learn how to dance, move through a room, or even speak with you. Best of all it’s comes with remote control, and it’s like you have few toys in this perfect one.

4. LeapReader Pen

The best high tech toys for kids_04What if we told you that your child can learn to write by play with a toy? Yes, it’s possible! Leapfrog’s LeapReader Pen helps your kid learn how to write in just few amazing steps. The pen comes with a built-in speaker and kids get to play while to try to trace kindly voice, and off course there’s are flashing lights and sounds so your kid would be delight. The paper in the workbook has embedded ink, so your kid just needs to press down the pen. And best of all this pen works only on the workbook so you don’t have to worry about kids using it on your brand new walls.

5. Educational Solar Robot Kit

The best high tech toys for kids_05How many times you’ve gone insane constantly changing batteries in toys of your kids? Well, that could be a past with the OWI 14-in-1 Educational Solar Robot Kit. Not only this amazing breaking kit lets you build 14 different robotic creatures and things, but also it’s powered by the light, so you can say goodbye to additional costs. Make a dream of your kids come true so they can construct their own robot. Plus they will learn thing or two about renewable energy.


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