June 16, 2014

Top 5 New Gadgets for World Cup 2014 in Brazil

Every big event brings us some new technologies and this year World Cup in Brazil certainly is going to make the noise ever louder. There’s a plenty of gadgets in use, some new and some good old devices but 5 of them attracted our attention. Some might say that this World Cup is going to be the biggest one, and as the ball rolling only few days we can be sure in one thing – technology is in use more then ever.Top 5 new gadgets for World Cup 2014 in Brazil_01There’s plenty of controversy about using technologies in football, but many will be amaze when they see how much technologies and gadgets can help to make this tournament one of the well-organized ever.

1. Goal-line technology

Top 5 new gadgets for World Cup 2014 in Brazil_02Although have already discussed a number of years, the previous season in the Premier League has convinced us about necessity and credibility of this technology, so the Brazil 2014 is the first major world competition of nations that will be using goal-line technology. Last World Cup showed us that this modern gadget of football field is without a doubt crucial one. In basics this gadget is very simple, it determined whether the ball has or has not crossed the goal-line. Some might say that is unnecessary, but with development of technology as well as game use of this gadget is imminent.

On World Cup 2014 this technology will be using name GoalControl, and it will be present in all twelve stadiums across Brazil. This technology requires seven unique cameras on each goal with recording frame rate up at 500 per second. When football cross the line, referee will be instantly alarmed with a message on his equipment.

2. Brazuca

Top 5 new gadgets for World Cup 2014 in Brazil_03Last World Cup official football was Jabulani, and it was covered with much disagreement. For this tournament Adidas designed the Brazuca which is the most high-tech football ever produced. Problem with Jabulani was with eight patches very weakly designed. For this occasion, Adidas work from scratch and produce Brazuca with six amazing propeller shaped polyurethane patches that are tied by pressure heat without sewing. The result is that the ball is much more elastic then ever which a good thing is if you are a footballer.

3. Vanishing spray

Top 5 new gadgets for World Cup 2014 in Brazil_04Now you see it, now you don’t. That’s the common sense behind the vanishing spray being used at this year’s World Cup in Brazil. Well this is not gadget in usual way, and it might be quite odd for a few of you, but every main referee in Brazil will be outfitted with a can of vanishing spray.

This, although fairly awkward to watch, addresses a trouble for referees and players alike: Although they’re supposed to stay 9 meters behind, opposing players have often move stealthily closer to the free-kick taker in an attempt to interrupt the kick, starting immeasurable opinion about fairness.

It’s a water based technology that remind you of aftershave, and one minute after it is sprayed it vanish; the spray is previously tested in last year’s U-20 World Cup.

4. 4K Broadcasting

Top 5 new gadgets for World Cup 2014 in Brazil_05World’s biggest football show will be recorded in stunning pin-sharp 4K for the first time, bringing fans closer to the action. World Cup matches will be broadcast in ‘Ultra HD’ 4K resolution for the first time, following a partnership between Sony and FIFA. Ultra-high definition (UHD) or 4K transmits picture 4000×2000 pixels which is enormous.

Fans with 4K TV-sets will be able to take pleasure in the matches from the comfort of their own homes, while live coverage will be available in a limited numbers of cinemas around the world. Sony declare that the technology, which is four times the definition of HD, will fully capture the dynamism of each goal, improve the language on players’ faces and capture the vibrant detail of every stadium as well.

5. Wi-Fi Hotspots

Top 5 new gadgets for World Cup 2014 in Brazil_06Rapid take-up of smartphones and tablets, combined with growing availability of 4G mobile and Wi-Fi hotspots, will make the 2014 World Cup the most mobile yet for football fans. Compared to the previous World Cup in South Africa in 2010, more than double the proportion of adults in the World will be able to keep up with the tournament via their smartphones. Having that in mind Brazil and FIFA work on that subject together and bring incredible 700,000 hotspot across Brazil so that fans and players who are in Brazil will be able to stay connected almost everywhere they go. For the comparison before tournament there was only 78,000 hotspot in Brazil.


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